Primary: Kindergarten Centre 1

Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Building A Structure With 3D Shapes Grade: FDK Date: November 24-27 2015

Subject/Strand: Language/ Math Unit: 1 Location: Lions Oval Public School Time: (length in minutes): 40 mins

Lesson Plan Description (What are you teaching? How does it fit into the context of the unit? What are the big ideas/essential/enduring understandings?)

Students will be using this literacy center to build structures using 3D shapes. Students will record their structures by taking a pictures with an iPad, and will record themselves explaining what they did and why. This center will allow the students to talk about something they build and to orally explain their structure they built. The picture the students take of their structure, as well as the voice recording they do, will be posted onto the class blog, where parents and guardians can view the student’s structure they built, as well as their explanations.


Ontario Curricular Overall Expectations (numbers from documents and details)

  1. Communicate by talking and by listening and speaking to others for a variety of purposes and in a variety of contexts.

Ontario Curricular Specific Expectations (numbers from documents and details) selected & listed from the Ont. Curriculum, refined when necessary, has verbs that are observable & measureable, has realistic number of expectations (1 to 3), have expectations that match assessment

1.6- Use language to talk about their thinking, to reflect, and to solve problems

1.7- Use specialized vocabulary for a variety of purposes (e.g., terms for things they are building or equipment they are using

Learning Goals Discuss with students: What will I be learning today? (clearly identify what students are expected to know and be able to do, in language that students can readily understand.)

Today I will learn…

  • How to build structures using 3D shapes.

  • How to take a picture of my structure and record what I have done.

  • How to explain the structure I have built and why I have built it.


Success Criteria Discuss with students: How will I know I have learned what I need to learn? (Clearly identify the criteria to assess student’s learning, as well as what evidence of learning students will provide to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and thinking, in language that students can readily understand).

I can: build a structure using 3D shapes.

I can: take a picture of the stouter I have built and record what I have done.

I can: explain the structure I have built and why I have built it.

Assessment – How will I know students have learned what I intended?

Achievement Chart Categories (highlight/circle the ones that apply):

Knowledge and Understanding; Thinking; Communication; Application

Assessment For, As, Of Learning (Circle One) (Describe way(s) you and/or your students will assess.)

Assessment Mode
Written, Oral, Performance
(Write, Say, Do)

Assessment Strategy and Task for Students- What are the students doing to show their learning? e.g. turn and talk, role play/individual, cooperative, etc.

Assessment Tool – Instrument used to assess task and record learning e.g., rubric, checklist, observation sheet, turn/talk, role play etc. Video Recording and Picture Taking

Students are to demonstrate their learning and understanding by, building their structure using 3D blocks, as well being able explain their structure.

Students will be asked to work independently in this literacy center. They can ask one another for assistance if they are struggling to understand how to build a structure. Students can build any kind of structure they would like, using as many block as they would like. Students are not only learning how to build structures but they are also learning how to explain their work in some detail.

TC will be assessing the students overall ability to build a structure, by looking at their picture they have taken of their structure. TC will also be assessing the student’s explanation of their work, by listening to their voice recording, which should explain: why they decided to build the structure, what it represents (looks like), and what blocks they used and why.


Prior Learning: Prior to this lesson, students will have

* Used the IPad to take pictures

* Worked with the 3D blocks

* Will have built some structures

Differentiation: Content, Process, Product, Environment, Assessment/Accommodations, Modifications

  • JKs will be working with Mrs. Crawford on other literacy work.

  • Some students will build their structure with a partner, and they can work together to record their structure, as well their explanation.

Learning Skills/Work Habits Highlight/circle ones that are assessed: responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, self-regulation

Vocabulary (for word wall and/or to develop schema)


Resources and Materials /Technology Integration List ALL items necessary for delivery of the lesson. Include any attachments of student worksheets used and teacher support material that will support communication of instruction. Include the use of Information Technology (ICT) in your lesson plan where appropriate.

  • 3D blocks

  • 1 IPad

Learning Environment (grouping; transitions; physical set up)

Students will be working on the carpet for this literacy center. This center will have a group of 3 students working independently as they build their own structure. For students who require more assistance they will be working with a partner at this center.

Cross Curricular Links

Math: This literacy center is linked to math as the students are using the 3D blocks to build their structures.

Three Part Lesson

Identify what the students are expected to think about or do. Write the lesson description with enough detail that another teacher could replicate the lesson without a personal discussion.

What Teachers Do:

What Students do:

Minds on: Motivational Hook/engagement /Introduction (5-15 min)
Establish a positive learning environment, connect to prior learning, set the context for learning, pre-determine key questions to guide lesson.

Time: 5 mins (Indicate time breakdown of instructional elements)

TC will have all the students gathered on the carpet and will be explain the literacy centers they will be able to go to this week. TC will spend about a minute explaining each literacy center and will be showing the students what they will be doing at center.

Everyone will have an opportunity to go to each center this week”

TC will explain the 3D Structure building center

Boys and girls this literacy center is one where you can build different structures. Structures can be buildings, or they can objects. Use your imagination and build whatever you would like.”

TC demonstrates building a structure for the students

Boy and girls this is an example of what your structure may look like. But remember it is up to you as to what you would like to build.”

Also boys and girls I would you to take a picture of the structure you have built, and also record your voice using the IPad, telling Miss Vienneau why you build your structure that way, and what blocks you choose to use. Also I would you to tell me what you think your structure could be whether it is a house, a building, or even a statue.”

I will have three students go to the center for today, Owen, Brittan and Grace.”

Boys and girls if you have any other questions come ask Miss Vienneau”

TC continues explaining the rest of the literacy centers before allowing the students to begin to work.

Students will be sitting on the carpet and will listening to TC explaining what literacy center they can go to this week. Students will watch TC demonstrate each activity.

Students understand that they will have an opportunity to go to each center this week.

Students will listen to TC explain the 3D structure building center.

Students will watch TC build a structure

Students will understand that they have to take a picture of the structure they have built, as well as record their explanation, as to why they build the structure, and what they built.

Owen, Brittan and Grace understand that they are to go to the 3D building center that day.

Students listen to the rest of the literacy centers before leaving the carpet

Action: During /Working on it (time given for each component, suggested 15-40 min)
Introduce new learning or extend/reinforce prior learning, provide opportunities for practice & application of learning.

Time: 20-25 mins (Indicate time breakdown of instructional elements)

TC will dismiss students based on the center they will going to that day. TC walk around to each center to ensure students understand what they are supposed to be doing.

TC will help students to know if their structure is complete

TC will ask students some questions: why did you build your structure, what is it and what bocks did you use, and why. This will begin to get the students thinking about what they are going to say in their voice recording.

Students will be dismissed based on the center they will be working at that day. Students will be able to ask for assistance when TC walks around from center to center.

Students will working independently building their structures.

Students will spend around 20-25 minutes building their structure. Students can use as many, or as little blocks as they would like, until they are happy with the structure they have built.

Students may ask TC if their structure is finished

Students will answer some of the TC questions before taking a picture of their structure and also recording their explanation about their structure.

Students will than get ready to take a picture of their structure and also do their voice over recording.

Consolidation & Connection (Reflect and Connect) (5-15 min.)
Help students demonstrate what they have learned, provide opportunities for consolidation and reflection.

Time: 10 mins (Indicate time breakdown of instructional elements)

TC will give the IPad to the students who have completed their structure TC will explain to students that they will be taking a picture and then doing a voice recording explaining their structure.

After 25 mins

ONE TWO THREE EYE ON ME! Boys and girls I would like you to begin to clean up the center you have been working at. I also like the group working on the 3D structures to give me the IPad. Once you have all tidied up I would like you to quietly come take a seat on the carpet.”

Students who have completed their structures are given the IPad in order to take a picture of their structure, and to also record their explanation regarding the structure they have built.

An example of the explanation a students may give:

I built very tall building using lots of blocks. I used the square blocks because they are strong.”

Other students at that literacy center complete building their structure. Then students use the IPad to take a picture of their structure and record their explanation as to: what their structure is, why they built it, and what blocks they choose to use, and why.

Students clean up their centers and then take a seat on the carpet.

Extension Activities/Next Steps (where will this lesson lead to next)

This activity could lead into the students building other structures using other materials. Students could than orally present their structure to the class and explain what they built and why.

Personal Reflection (what went well, what would I change, what will I have to consider in my next lesson for this subject/topic)

The Lesson:

The Teacher: