Keller 2021

2020 was not a great year unless you were lucky enough to be the corporate photographer for Keller, and I was. These people literally support some of the worlds great cities. Fast, skilled, efficient and loyal, we can all be proud of what they quietly do behind the scenes. To see some of the work they performed in 2020 go to The 2020 Projects Slideshow.

Below is my first assignment in 2021. A cold -10% January morning at 7:30 am. with a storm blowing in set the scene for this awesome shoot. Enjoy.

Portlands, Toronto


York University Unionville

Toronto Load Test

Proving the work is good.

Toronto Island Jet Grout

Toronto Island Jet Grout

Too foggy to get a full aerial view from the drone.

Tupperville Silo Raise

A sinking silo that holds 30 million pounds and the men who helped save it.

Yonge Street Jet Grout

Yonge Street Jet Grout

Lots of mud makes this a sticky proposition.