Maria-Adele and Nathaniel’s Wedding at the Doctors House

This wonderful couple came to me at the last minute and amazingly enough we were available so we got to hear their story.
They were going to use a friend to shoot their wedding and at the last minute it was not going to work out. There are many reasons for this including sickness, fighting with the friend, lack of equipment or even cold feet but we never ask why the change of mind, we simply assure the couple that what has first appeared to be bad news is actually great news. It takes years to learn how to shoot portraits, let alone weddings and it takes a lot of equipment and a certain personality too. Wedding photographers are not trained as much as they are born to do this job. It is not for the faint of heart. In the end of course our clients agreed with us as we got great work, fast and efficiently and did not ruin their day with waiting around while we learned the art. We also got great photographs and this selection should prove that nicely. We like to tell clients to save money elsewhere, like on the salad or invitations but never on the second most important item of their day. Wonderful photography.

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