Samantha & Matt’s Wedding, Caesar’s Windsor

This was a special wedding for Brenda and I. Having known Eric for over forty years and Glenda for almost as long, the arrival of Samantha feels like it was yesterday. On a scorching day in July, nothing could have been cooler. After twenty minutes of photo time in the room prior to ceremony, we accompanied everyone in the elevator down to the ceremony and entered the room thirty seconds before Samantha and her father started down the isle. Perfect timing and a very nice ceremony. With fading light, thirty minutes with the bride and groom at the hotel entrance and the rest of the night was a party.  Everyone was beautiful including Samantha and Mat and I am sorry ladies, no retouching. Just the way God made you, with a little makeup. Since you looked perfect to Brenda and I, I felt any attempt at improvement, redundant. A few photos were enhanced for other reasons but here is an honest look at a wonderful day.

Thanks for honouring us with one of your most important Photographic Memories.