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Any contract changes can me notified by sending us an email from this area. Just fill it out and let us know by hitting Submit. We will send you back an email conformation as soon as we see it.l  Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for changes. Of course, other prior commitments may prevent changes to your contract and if we can accommodate you, charges for additional staff, extra cars, time and other expenses may apply. 

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Add an enlargement portrait
Upgrade contracted enlargement from 12x18 to
Make this portrait a montage.
Please plaque our portrait,
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If you would like to change the timing of your wedding and it adds time, please feel free to contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

Splitting up the Photographer and Videographer may result in two cars and additional pricing. Please check with our staff to verify this at last 2 weeks prior to your event.

Splitting your time in additional days will always require 2 weeks notice and additional charges.

Any overtime not previously contracted for or upgraded here and approved will result in $80.00 an hour overtime per person . This includes the extra time required to edit the extra content shot at the event.

Single person for video or photography overtime.
Two people for photgraphy and video overtime.
Add a second photographer.
Add a second vidoegrapher.
Add additional days. This might not effect overall hours but may effect price.

Here is a list of other services we offer. With all the changes to our industry we are adding and removing products all the time so always check with our staff to confirm these changes and give at least 2 weeks notice. We are very protective of our beautiful images and prefer to be in charge of the printing as we like to control our finished product right to delivery but if you insist on going elsewhere we can sell you the images and copyright to allow this. Please see below.

Thank You Cards Includes: Envelopes, Cards and Photos
Thank You Card Photo Number
Printed Postcard Style Thank You Cards or Date Announcements
Photos for Cards. Maximum 3 images Numbers seperated by commas

Additional Prints, Prices do not include plaques or frames.

Add 5x7' $12.95 each seperate numbers by commas.
Add 8x10's $21.95 each separate numbers by commas.
Add16x20' s $149.95 each separate numbers by commas.
Add 24x36's $299.95 each separate numbers by commas.

Disc of all sorts. We can make additional videos in both Blu Ray or standard DVD format or even just give you extra copies of your wedding photographs. All discs come with custom printed covers and custom printed disc labels too. Photo discs are full quality images suitable for printing and slides shows etc.

Additional Blu Ray Videos at time of purchase.
Standard DVD Video We will re make your video in the lower standard rez and often create doubles discs.
Additional Photo discs.

Additional Parent size albums. These will be identical to the original album but 50% smaller in size.

Choose a quantity.
Up to 5 photo numbers Seperate with commas,(1)

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